Service and Maintenance

To find a reliable company that sells and installs metal-plastic windows (PVC) is easy enough.

But what to do if the warranty has expired, windows do not close properly, sashes start to sag, and the company that installed window does not exist any more?

Periodic service maintenance allows to ensure correct functioning of window fittings and therefore significantly increases the service life of windows. As compared with wooden units, surface of frames and sashes of PVC windows require really minimal care. But the opinion that maintenance and repair of plastic windows after installation is not needed is a myth. Sealants, fitting mechanisms, curtains and handles need a lot of attention.

To help you solve such issues, we have opened FAVORBUD service centre. We carry out high-quality repairs of plastic, aluminum or any other windows and doors.

Why do you need to regularly inspect your metal-plastic windows?

Do you remember the time when many people realized that their wooden windows are barely holding together and it`s time to change them for something more energy-saving?

It was the period when the market of metal-plastic windows began to develop, and our specialists just started their activity at that time.

We also thought that the use of profile PVC systems and innovative (at the time) solutions in the fittings would make it possible to forget about the most of problems connected with tightness, window durability etc.

However, metal-plastic windows did not become a breakthrough, and over the time the number of problems with them only increased.

Profile manufacturers use multi-glazed profile systems, more modern sealants. But, unfortunately, profiles are becoming more prone to deformation due to changes in the chemical composition with regard to environmental requirements, and the sealants are increasingly reminiscent of plastic, not rubber. Hardly anybody uses an alternative — aluminum windows.

In their turn, window manufacturers are forced to cut down expenses for production of plastic windows and doors. That is why many of them use cheaper fittings. For reinforcement, profiles with a smaller steel thickness are increasingly used, etc. For example, the difference between the cost of a plastic and an aluminum window handle is only 20 UAH. Nevertheless, they try to save on such elements as well.

Service and repair of windows

Our skilled and experienced team provides service maintenance of all modern window-door products offered on the market. We will bring back your joy from your windows without essential expenses.

Choosing our company, you receive:


Current (scheduled) service

Window elements gradually wear out in the process of exploitation. Periodic service of elements of accessories or seals (adjustment, replacement of wearing elements, lubrication) allows to retain their original properties, increasing the tightness of windows and their service life.



Window adjustment

If the window opens and nearly collapses after inclination, is difficult to close or closes incompletely, if there are problems with inclination — you need professional adjustment of fittings.



Window repair

Problems with a PVC window (blocking of opening, scrolling handles etc.) does not always mean that you need a new window. Repairing of plastic windows or replacing of moving parts of fittings that have been displaced or worn during use will help solve this problem.



Replacing of window insulating glass units

Misted windows (and in fact, insulating glass units) mean break of tightness of the insulating glass unit. Due to the separation of the primary or secondary sealant between the glass and the spacer, water vapor along with air penetrates into the inner chamber of the window, where the condensation of water vapor occurs. This failure can be eliminated only by replacing the insulating glass unit.



Replacing of sealants

Loss of the density of closing (tightness) of the window may cause ageing (hardening) of sealants; the problem is eliminated by replacing them with new ones (provided that the sealant is not extruded along with the profile).



Installation of additional elements and modernization of plastic windows

External roll down security shutters, mosquito nets, drains, roofs, latch mechanisms, balcony catches, handles with key (children`s lock), internal aerators, door evacuation accessories like anti-panic — we are glad to offer these elements for you. Also we provide replacement of ordinary insulating glass units for insulating glass units with energy-saving coating, sun protective or tinted glass units, safe glass units with tempered or triplex glass.


Changing functions of plastic windows

We carry out replacement of the open function with the «turn-inclination» function by changing the accessories kit; blocking of inclination by installation of «scissors» for inclination constraint.



Removing the dried protective tape and washing windows

A painful problem, isn`t it? It happens that the windows have been installed for a long time, but they still have a protective tape, and the plaster is not cleaned up. Contact us and we will solve this problem efficiently.


If you have other questions about window repairs, we will gladly help you resolve them. Contact us to make your home see the world with new windows.

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