Glass rooftops

It`s pleasant to be in a building, where you can see the sky over your head.

Precisely this effect is achieved by glass rooftop in a private house or flat skylight in a corporate building. They not only add originality to a building, but also visually increase the premises, continue the daylight hours and contribute to energy savings.

скляний дах

Flat skylight is a non-standard shape roof glass element (a dome, a pyramid etc.) which is often used in offices and shopping malls to increase natural light and accordingly energy savings in the afternoon. Flat skylight not only makes a building look modern for many years, but is also an important element of the modern interior.

Flat glass rooftop can be single-pitch or double-pitch. This is a cost-effective version of flat skylight in industrial buildings. It is usually mounted into an existing roof or actually forms it.

A glass roof or flat skylight is a one-time investment into the beauty and comfort of your building. It does not require regular service and is durable in case of good quality of manufacture and proper installation.

That is why it is important to choose the right project contractor taking into account its experience, quality of materials and works, as well as certification.

In the process of installation of flat skylights or glass roofs, FAVORBUD uses a mullion-transom system of aluminum profiles. We work only with certified profile systems of leading European brands:

  • Aluprof (Poland),
  • Reynaers (Belgium),
  • Alutech (Belarus).

The profile can be painted in any color of RAL palette or wood-grain laminated. This allows you to make a glass roof, which fully corresponds to the unique design of your building./p>

For glazing of roof elements, we recommend insulating glass units with safe glass: external tempered glass and inner triplex glass. The first one can withstand even a very strong hail or excessive snow loads, and the second one offers protection from splinters under various force majeure circumstances, when insulating glass unit damages.

We offer different glass types for a glass roof or flat skylight at your option:

  • ordinary or energy-saving,
  • tinted or transparent,
  • sun protective or extra-clear.

We are always confident in the quality and durability of our glass structures as we work closely with the most reliable manufacturers of insulating glass units and glass:

  • Skloresurs (Ukraine),
  • Glaströsch (Switzerland),
  • Saint Gobain (France),
  • Pilkington (Great Britain),
  • AGC (Europe),
  • Guardian (USA).

We pay special attention to high-quality seam (joint) sealing between insulating glass units. For the waterproofing to be reliable and environment-friendly, we use butyl tape and outdoor-resistant silicone sealants.

Your house should always be spacious and filled with fresh air, so you can install windows for ventilation, as well as leafs for the mansard opening with electric or mechanical gears. It will also make washing structures easy.

Our specialists with long-term industry experience work fast, reliably and fulfill all of your individual requirements. We also offer service maintenance of glass structures.

One-time professional implementation of the whole range of works on installation of a glass roof or flat skylight will be enough for it to function for a long time without the need for renovation or repair.

Contact us now and our experts will gladly help you understand all characteristics of a glass roof or flat skylight, as well as provide a qualified consultation on execution of works.

Our company will fulfill your dreams of amenities and comfort professionally.

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