Glass Partitions

Internal glass partitions are used in banks, offices, as well as shopping malls. They make the building interior more attractive and harmoniously separate the interior space of premises.

There are following types of internal glass partitions:

  • frameless all-glass partitions,
  • glass partitions in PVC profile systems,
  • glass partitions in aluminum profile systems.


An all-glass partition is a solid transparent wall of tempered glass (usually 10 or 12 mm thick). It divides the room space. In contrast, PVC or aluminum partitions are made of glass or insulating glass unit framed in profile.

In fact, partitions made of PVC profiles are not very stable or aesthetic. The aluminum profile is markedly different. It is more durable and reliable. For internal partitions, an aluminum profile without a thermal bridge is usually used.

Frames of PVC partitions or aluminum profiles can be white, wood grain laminated, as well as painted in any color of RAL palette.

Single glass, insulating glass unit, opaque glass types (satin, krizet), tempered glass, and triplex are used for filling.

Every partition includes built-in doors: open, traffic or sliding; with automatic or mechanical gear.

In addition, we offer separate products: plumbing partitions in Alutech profile, ALT-18 system. This is a group of light profiles that actually frame chipboard.

Such partitions are very easy and quick to mount. They are equipped with special curtains and plumbing locks (open/closed). Plumbing partitions are not mounted into the ceiling, so they can be moved from place to place quickly and easily.

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