Aluminium Ventilated Facade Systems

Ventilated facades appeared on the Ukrainian market relatively recently. Nevertheless, they managed to gain popularity among architects and customers, as they are suitable both for the reconstruction of old buildings and for the finishing of new ones.

Ventilated facade is an optimal solution for insulation and creating a modern exterior.

вентильовані фасади

Ventilated facades consist of:

  • substructure (mainly of aluminum profiles),
  • insulation layer (mainly mineral wool insulant),
  • external decoration (decorative panel), which additionally protects the walls from environmental influence.

Thanks to the use of an adjustable aluminum substructure system, installation of ventilated facade systems does not require prior alignment of building walls. Between the insulant and the outer panel, a ventilated distance is formed allowing free air circulation between them.

Thus, ventilated facades have a significant advantage: the wall decorated by them can “breathe”. This minimizes the risk of water vapor condensation.

Ventilated facades have significant advantages for house inhabitants, as they create a comfortable environment for life. For example, ventilated facade:

  • provides for natural air humidity and constant temperature indoors,
  • creates additional noise insulation,
  • reduces the possibility of appearance of fungi, and even people with allergies will feel comfortable in a building decorated with ventilated facades.

In addition, ventilated facades are a perfect solution not only for insulation, but also for making the house look modern. Using different decorative panels, architects create impressive buildings.

Ventilated facade can be decorated with various materials, such as:

  • aluminum composite panels,
  • HPL panels,
  • ceramic granite,
  • natural stone,
  • fiber cement panels,
  • steel сassettes,
  • aluminum batten (veneer) etc.

Installation of ventilated facade is indeed a pretty serious decision.

But every construction specialist will assure you that you will not make a mistake. After all, you choose not just ventilated facades, but a modern European solution for your building, which attracts by the outer appearance and guarantees warmth and comfort.

вентильований фасад модель

Ventilated facade systems made of aluminum composite panels

The aluminum composite panel consists of two outer aluminum layers and one internal filler (polyethylene or mineral).

Depending on the manufacturer`s choice and type of panels, they have the following characteristics:

  • aluminum layer thickness (on one side) from 0.21 mm to 0.5 mm;
  • panel total thickness from 3 mm to 6 mm;
  • filler flammability class Г1, Г2, Г4;
  • possibility of painting of panel PVDF coating in any color of RAL palette, wood grain or faux stone decoration.

We use aluminum composite panels to decorate ventilated facades manufactured by:

  • Alpolic (Japan),
  • Alufas (Ukraine),
  • Profibond (China),
  • as well as others, if you prefer a certain manufacturer.

The best evidence of our expertise are the sites we have accomplished, which you pass by everyday: King Cross Leopolis shopping mall, Victoria Gardens shopping mall, car showrooms of the most well-known brands (Peugeot, Ford, Mazda), Snezhka OC, Plasma OC, offices of Panska Oselya, Trans-Service-1.

Our engineers take into account all your wishes. Thanks to the skills that came with experience, we can implement a project of any complexity.

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