Automatic Door Entrances

Automatic entrance units

Construction of the entrance to the building is extremely important for shopping and entertainment centres, airport terminals, business centres, waiting rooms, banking and government institutions, and ordinary non-commercial buildings with a permanent intense flow of people.

Properly selected type of automatic entrance systems will help you to distribute the flow of customers and visitors and save the energy while cooling the premises in summer and heating them in cold season.

Advantages of automatic glass doors

The undeniable advantages of automatic glass doors include:

  1. long service life;
  2. high visitor capacity;
  3. ease of installation;
  4. simple maintenance.

The most important reasons for installation of automatic entrance groups:

  1. 1. The need to close large passages with an intense human flow.
  2. 2. Widespread use of shopping and load trolleys in supermarkets and hypermarkets with the possibility of access to parking slots. It`s hard to imagine a visitor pushing a trolley through the usual hinged doors.
  3. 3. Respect of shop owners for visitors, creating maximum comfort for them.
  4. 4. Need to reduce heat loss and maintain a microclimate in the room. Automatic doors open quickly in front of visitors and close almost instantly behind them, limiting the flow of cold air from the street in winter and the heat in summer.

Maintaining the image of a respectable expensive store or office. Standard two-leafed sliding doors are the most popular in the world owing to the optimal combination of technical parameters, design reliability and value.

«FAVORBUD» offers a wide choice of both profile systems and automatic gears, with the help of which different entrance groups are created. We only work with certified suppliers:

  • G-U (Germany)
  • Besam (Sweden)
  • Geze (Germany)
  • etc.

All these manufacturers produce a full range of well-known gear types for automatic doors, plus each of them has several original models. All gears of automatic doors are equipped with a standard set of accessories. It includes motion sensors, safety photo eye sensors, electromechanical lock, emergency batteries and a work mode selector (sometimes combining the function of the programmer) which provides for:

  • speed of opening of two door leafs — about 1.5 m/s
  • maximum total weight of door leafs — 200-250 kg
  • gear reducer’s service life — at least 2-3 million of opening movements.

In buildings and constructions with mandatory emergency exits, automatic sliding doors must be equipped with an anti-panic breakout system. In the process of evacuating from a building in the event of a fire, natural disaster or for any other reason, the immediate action of anti-panic mechanism provides an unobstructed exit for people: moving door leafs open outwards with a little effort and remain in the open position until leafs return into a standard working position.

Sliding door leafs

Severe requirements on the strength and sealing of passage perimeter are put forward to large-sided and high-speed leafs. Sliding door leafs can be made of aluminum profile with splinter-proof (triplex) or tempered glass filling. Leafs made of glass only (frameless) undoubtedly look modern and elegant, but in our climatic conditions they seem practical only inside the room. At outside entrances, aluminum profile leafs are usually installed. The profile for sliding doors manufacturing has a number of specific features. In particular, aluminum profiles have special slots for rubber and brush seals installation.

Particular attention should be paid to glass in filling of leafs of automatic doors. In Europe, it is strictly forbidden to use ordinary glass for these purposes. We recommend to use only triplex (two thin glasses glued together with a polymer) or tempered glass. This is due to the fact that leafs of automatic doors, as a rule, are filled with one large glass or insulating glass unit from top to bottom. If you use ordinary glass, in case of damage its heavy and sharp splinters can cause a very serious injury. In a similar situation, the triplex will crack like ordinary glass, but the fragments will remain in the frame held by the polymer. In addition to injury prevention, triplex will not let the cold air to into the room and will not create obstacles to the doors movement. Tempered glass can withstand even a more heavy shock than ordinary one. But if it is finally broken, it will shatter into small, non-cutting fragments.

Entrance organization

In our climatic conditions, the typical organization scheme of the entrance with automatic sliding doors is a wind porch. Doors are installed in pairs one after another at a distance of 2 m and more. If you position them closer, the motion sensors of each pair of doors can react to each other. If you reduce the detection area, visitors would have to stop and wait for the door to open. Application of a heat curtain is also effective. It is advisable to install it inside the wind porch right behind the outside door. The heat curtain will warm the wind porch when doors are closed and cut off the cold air flow when the doors are open.

Sliding doors occupy about 90% of the door automation market.

Types of automatic doors:

  • sliding
  • telescopic doors
  • revolving
  • hinged.

In addition to the main types of automatic doors mentioned herein, there are others, which are much less common: accordion doors, so-called space-savers, low-power automatics for interior doors and medical facilities; all these types are in little demand.

Based on the above, automatic glass doors are necessary in our everyday life. Glass sliding doors with automatic mechanism are an excellent offer for all companies, business centres, cinemas, shopping and entertainment complexes. Needless to say that beautiful, bright and attractive entrance groups are more likely to attract buyers or visitors.

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