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Choosing between wood, PVC and aluminum, more and more architects tend to use the latter. Windows and doors made of aluminum are much more resistant to environmental influence, including biological corrosion. They also provide much better fire safety.

Aluminum windows and doors are now installed both in residential and commercial buildings.

The main factors for choosing aluminum windows and doors:

  • lightness,
  • environmental friendliness,
  • durability,
  • modern aesthetics.

алюмінієві вікна і двері

Despite the difference in price from metal-plastic windows or doors, aluminum windows and doors have a number of advantages:


The rigidity of aluminum is 7 times greater than that of wood and 23 times that of PVC, so the structures are stronger and much less vulnerable to deformation.


A large selection of fillings: from 4 mm single glass to 56  mm double-glazed windows, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for the following parameters: transparence, energy saving and sun protection.


Tightness of windows and doors, protecting a room from water and air penetration.


A large selection of profile form solutions: standard window in aluminum framing (standard form of frame and leaf), renaissance (imitates wooden profile), industrial (imitates steel profile with ribbed stiffeners), a window with hidden leafs.


A wide choice of aluminum windows or doors decor; you can order a window with powder coloring in RAL palette color or wood-like profile structural coating.


Lightness and visual appeal of the construction.


Resilience to atmospheric conditions which guarantees durability.


Ease of care. You can easily wash aluminum windows and doors and do without painting.


Therefore, you obtain a more stable and durable structure that matches your room design.

Modern technologies allow to design a variety of aluminum structures: from a simple aluminum window with a simple opening to large sliding, inclined sliding, lift-and-slide structures, traffic doors etc.

«FAORBUD» offers a wide choice of profile systems for aluminum windows or doors. We work only with certified international suppliers:

  • Aluprof (Poland),
  • Reynaers (Belgium),
  • Alutech (Belarus),
  • Schueco (Germany).

We will be glad to find the optimal solution for you: from the cost-effective version of the internal aluminum structures («cold» aluminum) to the latest developments with improved heat insulation («warm» aluminum) for external use.

The choice of glass for aluminum windows and doors is no less important. It is worth paying attention to such key parameters of glass as transparence, energy saving and sun protection, which will enable your building to function equally well in summer and in winter.

Choosing aluminum windows and doors, consider the following factors:

  • glazing area, thickness and number of insulating glass unit cells which affects the stability and noise insulation,
  • inert gas filling, energy-saving coating, affecting heat insulation,
  • functional purpose of the building,
  • location of windows in the house required to determine the necessary light transmission and sun protection,
  • safety: we recommend you to use a tempered, thermally toughened glass or triplex which will protect from window damage,
  • your individual wishes.

The quality of the construction is guaranteed, as we work only with high-quality raw materials from such glass manufacturers as: Skloresurs (Ukraine), Glaströsch (Switzerland), Saint Gobain (France), Pilkington (UK), AGC (Europe), Guardian (USA).

We also offer service maintenance for aluminum windows and doors for extension of their service life.

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