Protective Bullet-proof Systems

Choosing a bank, most people are guided by such principles as security and reliability. In its turn, it envisages not only the reputation of the bank or the dynamics of its development, but also physical security of the depositors’ money and the bank employees.

That is why banking institutions are meticulous about the choice of a contractor for installation and manufacturing of bullet-proof systems. The main criteria are the quality of products, industry experience, appropriate certification and reliability of the contractor.


We manufacture, install and maintain the following systems for the security of banking institutions:

  • bullet-proof bank compartments
  • bullet-proof protective doors
  • bullet-proof protective windows
  • bullet-proof protective partitions
  • burglar-resistant (tamper-proof) structures

All bullet-proof products have the durability class OZK-2 BO (splinter-proof), DSTU 4547: 2006.

Resistance to a shot of a 7.62 mm pistol cartridge 57-N-134s (TT pistols, Makarov).

In addition, FAVORBUD is a manufacturer of certified burglar-proof structures made of RC1N durability aluminum profiles (DSTU EN 1627: 2014).

Also, we offer bullet-proof transmitting devices for protective structures:

  • slot tray (shuttle tray) designed to transfer small amounts of cash
  • tray with a movable carriage (carriage tray) designed to transfer large amounts of cash
  • transmitting and elevator gate boxes of various sizes designed to transfer collector bags
  • airlocks designed to organize access to the site under protection.

All products are certified and meet the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine, which is confirmed by the relevant documentation.

On individual orders, we manufacture non-armored structures and office furniture:

  • non-bullet-proof customer cab
  • non-bullet-proof windows, doors, partitions
  • furniture for cash registers and office arrangement.


For manufacturing of protective structures only high-quality raw materials are used, so you to be confident of the quality and reliability of our products. We install more than 150 cash booths every year.

In particular, we produce bullet-proof systems from the following main materials:

  • frame: high-quality aluminum profile (painted in any colors of RAL palette), which is reinforced with 4 mm thick metal
  • opaque parts are reinforced with 4 mm thick steel plates and decorated with chipboard (or other decorative material at the customer`s option)
  • transparent parts (in windows, doors, partitions) are filled with bullet-proof glass of SK-2 class protection and are decorated with tinted films at the customer`s option.

In more than 4 years of our activity, we have installed bullet-proof systems for many bank branches throughout Ukraine. Our clients include Oschadbank, Privatbank, A-Bank, Ukreximbank, VTB, VAB and others, as well as numerous currency exchange offices and pawnshops. Most customers become our regular clients, as they are satisfied with the high quality of our products and services of our specialists.

If you plan to install a bullet-proof system in your office or build a burglar-proof facade for your institution, we will gladly help you to understand the intricacies of the project and choose the best solution.

Please contact us to get advice or evaluate the cost of your project.

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