Winter Gardens and Greenhouses

The winter garden at home has long ago ceased to be a rarity or luxury, having turned into an important building element for those who really appreciate comfort and happiness of their closest people.

The winter garden at home is a separate or integrated spatial glass structure made of aluminum profiles. It can serve as a greenhouse or just as an element of the building exterior.

A skillfully designed winter garden:

  • conserves heat in winter and reflects sun rays in summer;
  • makes a building more aesthetically attractive;
  • has adjustable microclimate, which allows to grow different plants;
  • ensures noise insulation.

зимовий сад

Correctly combining such characteristics as transparence, energy saving and sun protection, you can create a winter garden, which is extremely functional in winter and in summer.

When choosing a winter garden at home, it is worth paying attention to its shape: this is important not only for aesthetics, but also for the protection from water stagnation on the roof or better room warm-up.

The following forms for the winter garden at home are the most common:

зимовий сад

The relatively high cost of winter gardens is conditioned by the price of materials, because high-quality multiple glass units and aluminum are quite expensive. Nevertheless, a winter garden at home is a one-time contribution. It does not require frequent repairs and will be compensated by the pleasant emotions and joy of your close ones.

The durability and reliability of a winter garden at home primarily depends on the contractor`s professionalism and the materials quality.

For winter gardens, we use mullion-transom aluminum profile systems manufactured by:

  • Aluprof Bielsko (Poland),
  • Alutech (Belarus),
  • Reynaers (Belgium).

The following companies supply glass for these systems:

  • Glaströsch (Switzerland),
  • Skloresurs (Ukraine),
  • Saint Gobain (France),
  • AGC (Europe),
  • Pilkington (Great Britain),
  • Guardian (USA).

We recommend using an outer layer of tempered glass that can withstand any weather conditions, as well as an internal triplex glass that protects from splinters in rare cases when the outer glass is damaged.

Glass can be tinted into any color of RAL palette. Our engineers will help you choose the optimal tone and thickness so your winter garden does not turn into a sauna in summer. Also, for durability and avoidance of defects at temperature differences, we mix glass units of different thicknesses.

At your request, other glass types with the following characteristics can be used for a winter garden:

  • ordinary or energy-saving,
  • tinted or transparent,
  • sun protective or extraclear.

Built-in windows or doors allow you to freely ventilate your winter garden and wash the glass. The tightness is guaranteed by outdoor-resistant silicone sealants and butyl tapes, which we install between the joints of multiple glass units.

If handled properly, a winter garden won’t need repairs for up to 10 years. That is why we offer service maintenance: every six months our specialists check structure strength, thus preventing wear of the glass unit or frame.

Call us now and our specialists will calculate the cost of summer comfort at your home, as well as tell more about all nuances of winter gardens that you are interested in.

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